Nishida Giken Co., Ltd.

Business Overview

Here we introduce our businesses based on design / production of original compounds
that we make "According to the requirements of the society with our material design technology".

Main businesses

With the base point of planning and developing original compounds that
"meet the demand of the society by leveraging our material design technology",
we design and supply materials for various industries.

Automobiles material
We design and manufacture a wide variety of interior and exterior materials of automobiles as per customers' requirements.
Composite material
We manufacture high-dispersion and uniform highly-filled master batch. You can select various base resins and fillers.
Sports facilities material
We develop soft filler for using in artificial grass for soccer and sports stadiums in Europe and America.

Automobiles Material

For a wide variety of interior and exterior products of automobiles, we supply compounds as per the requirements.

We manufacture interior and exterior materials for major Japanese automobiles manufacturers. Apart from supplying in Japan, we also export in significant quantity.

We design and manufacture various interior and exterior materials for automobiles as per the requirements of customers. We design formulation according to production methods and facilities of the respective automobiles manufacturer.

Besides, we can supply low cost products by concurrently using recycled material. We have large capacity production equipment in place that allows us to cater to large orders from overseas.

composite material

Features of highly-filled master batch

Using Banbury mixer, we manufacture high-dispersion and uniform highly-filled master batch.


We produce highly-filled master batch using various fillers. It has high alignment properties, and it can be used for a wide range of applications such as construction material plastic processed items. You can select the resin of your choice as binder. We can also adjust physical properties as per your application.


  • We can also manufacture high-density master batch (under 85%).
  • You can select various base resins and fillers, and you can also adjust physical properties.
  • We can also manufacture low cost products by using recycled raw material as base resin.

Applications of highly-filled master batch

Applications Master batch content Base resin
Calcium carbonate master batch Synthetic paper, water absorption sheet (diapers),
manhole, sound-proof sheet for vehicles
30% - 85% PP・PE
Talc master batch Construction material, Miscellaneous daily life products 30% - 70% PP・PS・ABS
Titanium oxide master batch Food trays 60% - 70% PP・PE・PS
Quicklime master batch Moisture depleting agent, deterioration prevention agent 50% PE

List of highly-filled master batch products (when using calcium carbonate as the filler)

Here we introduce the list of highly-filled master batch products where calcium carbonate is used as the filler. As per your requirement, we can also customize filler and binder resin such as talc, silica, barium sulfate, and fire-retarding material.

Product Name MBN85L MBN80LD MBN80LS MBN80SS MBN-MH#100-2
MI(190℃5K) 30 30 100 5 30
Specific Gravity 2 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.75
Features Highly-filled 85%
Cost effective type
80% content
Basic type
80% content
High-fluidity type
80% content
Fine coal cull is used
High strength
80% content
Magnesium hydroxide MB
Example of use High specific gravity mold-injection product Compounds
prevent sinks/warpage
Backing material for carpet Synthetic paper film Fire-retarding material
Packing 1 ton Flexible Containers 25kg paper bag 1 ton Flexible Containers 25kg paper bag 25kg paper bag
Stock status Standing Standing Standing Standing Build-to-order

Sports facility material

We have developed soft fillers that are dispersed in artificial grass
for soccer and sports stadium in Europe and America.
We have used indigenous configuration that has excellent ventilation and cushion properties.
Porous infill based on our indigenous composition absorbs and disperses shock,
which reduces the burden on players. Besides, it has high water retention properties.
By sprinkling water, cooling effect is maintained for long time due to heat of vaporization.