Nishida Giken Co., Ltd.

Outline of our technology

Here we introduce our production facilities and measuring devices
that afford high degree of freedom and high quality with rigorous management standards
for continuously offering products with stable quality.

Manufacturing process

1, Kneading
Banbury mixer
2, Extrusion
Double screw extruder
Single screw extruder
3, Granulation
Hot cut
Strand cut
4, Segregation and cooling
Vertical screener
Drum screener

Elastomer facility

Kneader Banbury mixer 75 lit. 3 nos.
240 lit. 1 nos.
Kneader 110 lit. 1 nos.
20 lit. 1 nos.
3 lit. 1 nos.
FCM NCM 120E 1 nos.
Pelletizer Pelletizer for hard material (over A85) 2 nos.
Pelletizer for soft material (under A85) 1 nos.
Pelletizer for ultra-soft material (under A50) 1 nos.
Extruder Single screw extruder 3 nos.
Double screw taper extruder 3 nos.
Biaxial single screw extruder 2 nos.
Screening and cooling equipment Drum screener 1 nos.
Vertical screener 1 nos.
Spiral screener 1 nos.
Horizontal screener 1 nos.

Test and measurement

Test Banbury mixer 1 nos.
Test roller 1 nos.
Test press machine 1 nos.
Tensile tester 1 nos.
Melt indexer 2 nos.
Digital Vernier calipers 3 nos.
Analytical weighing machine 1 nos.
Halogen heating type moisture meter 1 nos.
A-type hardness meter 4 nos.
D-type hardness meter 1 nos.
Combustion test equipment 1 nos.
Rockwell hardness tester 1 nos.
Charpy impact tester 1 nos.
Heat distortion tester 1 nos.
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